Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Get free Re-Recharge

Delivered more than Rs.1 crore of free mobile recharges already.
Rs.10 is the minimum free recharge amount that supports for all Indian mobile operators.
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Free Call

 Free Call

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  Welcome to Fcall free call service.
Here you can make free cal to anywhere in India.
International calls will be added soon.

Have you ever wanted  to call your best friend for free instead of just SMSing ?
If answer is Yes Then this service is for you.
This is first website to provide free calling service and You do not have to wait in queue you will connected instantly. We promise you for more fun features and advancements please check this website often. To express feelings only SMS is not enough.

"We know only SMS is not enough" (India's first free calling website)
What is Fcall ?
Any guesses
Yes, right. Fcall is shortform of free call/ fun call. I won't blame you if you make other meanings :-)

Why Fcall ?
Although SMS has gained popularity amongst people of India specially youngsters 
like college goers in these days cause of free sms sending websites like way2sms, etc.But there is no website that provides free calling to its users even in
 developed countries like US. We have seen many websites that promises free calling 
but after some minutes of calling they ask to purchase credits etc. There are now some 
website which provides free calling but call does not get connects to DND number.
 So we thought that if sms can be provided free why not calling can be free so we planned
 to launch a website that will provide free calling to its users.we know that only SMSing is not 
sufficient cause sms has disadvantages like reciever not getting it or not reciving it on time etc.
 Every media is funded by advertisers. Participation of advertisers in any media will bring down
 the costs to the end users. You take the television Media, One can enjoy over 180 channels ,
 24 hours by just paying Rs. 250 per month. News paper with 40 pages costs just Rs.2.50 per
 day. Its all because of the advertisers who funds the rest on behalf of the consumers. Currently
 India's mobile user base is more than 40 crores. When it comes to end subscribers, 
the advertising potential is as huge as the Indian print media. However, Indian advertisers, 
till recently, did not have the right platform to reach out to this ever growing base of Indian 
mobile users.Companies have been trying to reach out to their consumers on mobile
 phones in mobile dense countries like India. These advertisers prefer targeted advertising
 capturing the users attention. Traditional advertising channels such as TV, Radio, newspaper,
 billboards and the like, were not able to capture the complete attention of the consumers
 Internet Marketing is great tool to acquire customers. We parovide partial screen space to 
advertisers to place aadvertisement. Since the advertiser funds the user communication, 
users can communicate more for nothing. So "stop SMSing and start CALLING".

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Send Voice Call (Voice Call Anywhere In India)

Using this Live Call Option You can Call and Talk to any Mobile for free for over 64 Minutes Every day to any Mobile in India!

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